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Reset Often

Updated: Mar 16

As you go through your workday, are you remembering to reset? We can reset after an extended time in a meeting, after a difficult conversation, or just periodically through the day. Resets are important to incorporate into your work schedule. We all have so many tasks we need to finish and goals we are trying to achieve. But honestly, allowing yourself to reset will help you do both.

So what is a reset? It can be almost anything that helps you get a chance to feel refreshed and reenergized. Great reset ideas include: going on a short walk, taking a stretching or meditation break, and even cuddling up to a pet. And the best news is that even a quick, 10-minute reset will help you feel renewed and rest for the next item on your list.

If you want an easy reset idea that you can do in less than five minutes, try this one. First, take two minutes to write out quick phrases for all the to-do items swirling in your head. Doing this first will help you relax for the next step. Once you've finished the list, get in a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and focus on one sound in the room. It could be the sound of birds outside, or a machine running in the background. As you focus on that sound, take slow deep breaths. Do this for three minutes, then open your eyes and note any difference in how you feel. Now you're ready to get back to work, and bring some joy with you!


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