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We're nearing the end of June, so we have the first half of the year comfortably (or possibly uncomfortably) under our belts. Now is a great time to reflect on the year so far and decide to recommit to your quest to increase your level of joy within work. 

As we move away from the beginning of the year, it's easy to go back to old routines. The meetings start piling up, the inflation keeps inflating, life keeps throwing curve balls. And under all these circumstances, our minds look for the ease of the familiar...even if the familiar looks like operating in a constant state of stress. Rest assured that is normal if you find that you have forgotten to purposely seek joy along the way.

But now is the time to recommit. You may have to set a daily reminder on your calendar, add reminders in a wellness app, or team up with a friend who is also seeking more joy. Whatever it takes to finish the second half of the year with more smiles and laughter than the first half, please....DO THAT.

Yes, this will feel like an effort at first. And you might not see the benefits immediately. However, if I know one thing it is that when we consistently seek more joy, joy will find us and in abundance. And don't worry, I'm not just speaking to you, I'm telling myself this as well. Let's recommit to joy together!


This is SUPER important to remember! Thank you so much for sharing this insight. I'm one of those people who sets unrealistic goals and then gives up when I can't execute perfectly. Also, "consistently seek more joy" is a power call to action!!! Wow.

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Perfectionists unite! 😂

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