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Meditation for Energy

Updated: Mar 16

When people talk about meditation the focus is often on trying to keep the mind from wandering and trying to stay awake. But what if there was a meditation designed to help with both of those challenges? Allow me to introduce you to: Box Breathing.

Box breathing is a method where you will inhale, hold the breath, exhale, and hold again all for the same count of time. It's customary to start with a count of four since it's fairly easy for anyone to do. Using this breathing method as part of a meditation will naturally give your mind something to focus on as you count. Practicing box breathing, for as little as three minutes, can give you a natural energy boost!

Try this meditation. Get in a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Count in your head to a count of four as you inhale evenly through your nose. Count to four while you hold the breath. Exhale the breath through your mouth as you count to four. Hold for a count of four, then start the whole process again. (If at any point you feel unwell, stop the box breathing and breathe normally.) Continue box breathing for three to four minutes. Then breathe normally for one additional minute while you pay attention to any shifts in the body. See if you notice more energy in your head and/or upper torso.


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